Our homeland

Our homeland

Kos and her treasures

Kos. A green emerald in the vast blue of the Aegean. A blessed land, fertile, with rare biodiversity. An inexhaustible biological treasure of plants and herbs with exceptional therapeutic and cosmetic properties.

It is no coincidence that, Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, was born on this ancient island. The man who devoted himself to Man. The philosopher and scientist who discovered the healing power of Nature and encouraged a holistic approach to health, wellness and beauty.

Here in Kos, the Greek light, the mild Aegean winds and the temperate Mediterranean climate constitute the ideal environment for the cultivation of Aloe vera.

The Garden of Eden hidden in the Aegean

More than 1200 natural (uncultivated), therapeutic, aromatic, cosmetic and aphrodisiac plants and herbs!

Rosemary, Lavender, Oregano, Thyme, Sage, Mint, Lemon balm, Spearmint, Jasmine, Nettle, Dog-rose, Jasmine, Hypericum (St John's-wort), Fennel, Marjoram, Laurel, Myrtle, Verbena, Mandragora (Mandrake), Autumn heather, Diktamos (Hop marjoram), Dandelion, Lime, Summer savory, etc.

Fruit trees and other plants offer their appealing fruits to locals and visitors alike: lemons, oranges, mandarins, peaches, apricots, figs, almonds, pomegranates, grapes, olives, tomatoes, wheat, barley, sesame are only some of the delights on offer!

Μany forest trees among which the Wild Cedar and the Eucalyptus are noteworthy.

Today, in Kos, Hippocrates Garden hosts over 256 healing plants and herbs which were actually used by Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine”, in the treatment and healing of his patients. Many of these plants are still used today in contemporary treatments.
All this on Kos, a true earthly paradise of longevity, nestled at the edge of the Aegean.

A family of dedicated cultivators
Our homeland

Our farmland

Pyli (Pili), Kos. A green, fertile plain at the centre of the island, surrounded by ruins and landmarks betraying the ancient history of the land. The Byzantine castle, the natural spring with its ancient vaults, the sanctuary of Dimitra and Persephone - a symbol of the cycle of the land’s fertility. The "Pyliotiko Spiti" or Pyliotiko House - a traditional residence of Pyli dating back centuries – comprises a living museum of rich tradition, customs and excellent local cuisine.

The Drosos family estates are situated in Pyli. A total of 10 hectares (100.000 sm) of fertile, green land. 'The personal Paradise of Paul Drosos, as he often calls it himself. The 3 hectares are farmed with certified, superior organic Aloe vera plants or Aloe barbadensis Miller, as it is scientifically known.

On the Drosos estates, time seems to slow down and follow the mystifying pace of the earth. No-thing and no-body interferes with the earth or plants and they swiftly bear their fruits. "Aloe has patience, so you too must have the same" says Paul Drosos, summing up the philosophy of organic Aloe vera cultivation.

The many devoted hands are the great protagonists in the practice of cultivation, production and processing of the plant so as to finally obtain pure, superior quality A. vera gel. Our Objective: To extract the optimal amount of this organic treasure without wounding its heart. Skilled hands will then naturally "lock and seal" the gel extract into what we consider to be the purest, most effective aloe products available.

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