Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Pandrosia. A family business - a sound, "green" company.
The Drosos family has deep roots in the beautiful island of Kos.

Paul Drosos is a man who enjoys a special relationship with the natural environment of his homeland, a deep knowledge of the rare, natural and organic treasures hidden on his island. A few years ago, he decided to plant and cultivate the Miracle of Nature on his estate in Pyli (Pili) of Kos, a plant commonly known to us all as Aloe vera.

In this journey of exploration into the wonders of Aloe vera, Paul had his entire family by his side. Today, Pandrosia is a family business, primarily aiming to cultivate organic Aloe vera of superior quality. Pandrosia creatively unites the remarkable properties of this plant with those of the rare natural wealth of plants and herbs hidden in Kos.

Subsequently, all this organic wealth is sealed, with much care into all our products. We offer superior, natural, and nutritional personal care products addressing today’s demanding lifestyle and available worldwide for all those seeking longevity, health and beauty, both for themselves and their loved ones.

With much personal dedication, the Drosos family carries out and monitors every stage of production. From cultivation and research to the selection of partners and associates and the approval of formulas of each and every product, the process we follow is consistently rigorous. This ensures that all stages are carried out and in the most eco-friendly and natural way possible.

Today, the Drosos family and their partners are committed to doing everything possible so that each product they proudly sign-off will do what it promises and exceed consumers’ expectations.

Our philosophy

Our vision

Wellness, Health and Beauty for all.
This is the vision that drives our every step. And the road to its attainment lies in the creative combination of the miraculous properties of organic Aloe vera with those of the rare natural heritage of the plants and herbs of Kos.

This rare combination of organic treasures is sealed in the most natural way in each and every Pandrosia product and is then offered to those seeking a different, healthier, more beautiful and balanced way of life.

Our mission

Our mission is to create the most effective combinations of organic Aloe vera cultivated by our family, with the valuable plants and herbs of our homeland, recognised for their healing and cosmetic properties and documented from antiquity by Hippocrates.

We aim to offer you well-rounded and affordable solutions, long demonstrated to bestow good health and wellbeing homegrown, superior, unique and innovative healthcare and nutritional products, employing the most natural and traditional approaches available.
''Directly from the land to packaging.'' We take this ver seriously and is adhered to in every respect.

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